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Java Developer (License)

Post Id Number: 407648 Quick Apply
Employment Type: Contract
Location: New York
Skills: C++, Distributed Computing, Hadoop, High Availability, Java, Low Latency, Python, SQL

We interact very closely with our business and sales teams using agile and iterative development. We have many opportunities to design and develop innovative solutions to accomplish ever-growing customer requirements. We’re continuing to grow rapidly, and have opportunities on the following team:

Metering Team

Our clients make hundreds of thousands of requests for data on a daily basis, which translates to billions of data points that flow through our system. Each of these requests may have different parameters asking for different data types, how and when it should be fetched, and various transformations to be performed. Additionally, we generate thousands of data sets that nearly span the full range of the financial industry on an ongoing basis.

The metering team works primarily to calculate the billing charges for each client at the end of the month and controls entitlement of content. Metering entails running the entire dataset that every client has accessed through complex billing algorithms. This has to be done in a timely and accurate manner. To enable this we use big data technologies and frameworks.

The metering team is in the process of migrating a lot of legacy infrastructure into a modern big data framework leveraging big data technologies.

As a senior software engineering consultant enabling this migration:

  •  You'll have the opportunity to develop and maintain the systems that enable Metering.  This will include developing new metering algorithms and implement them using Java and frameworks of the Hadoop ecosystems.
  •  You will also be involved in coordinating, planning, rolling out and testing regular planned updates to production system.
  •  You will have the opportunity to learn the challenges in design and maintenance of high availability high volume enterprise systems.

You'll need to have 3+ years of experience with the following:

  •  Completed projects that required significant problem solving, communication skills and the ability to work with a team
  •  Proficiency in Java
  •  Deep knowledge in data structures and algorithms

We'd love to see:

  •  Experience with Python development
  •  Experience with some other compiled languages such as C, C++
  •  Relational database experience (SQL and table design)
  •  Experience with low-latency, high-volume, and highly-availability distributed systems
  •  Experience with the Hadoop ecosystem